Hey Everyone!

As mentioned in the last week’s post, Junio pointed out that calling read_author_date_or_die() (now, read_author_date_or_null()) might be unsafe as we might not have a saved copy of the author information on the disk.

The mentors and I had a long discussion on how the current calling of function is actually “safe”. Here is the thought process:

  1. do_pick_commit() and do_merge() always call write_author_script() to write author information to the disk before calling run_git_commit() so, we are sure to find the information there on the disk.
  2. commit_staged_changes() only calls run_git_commit() when it is stopped because of merge conflicts or by ‘edit’ todo commands. In this case, author_script is already written by the previous invocation of git. In all other cases, run_git_commit() throws an error as it should. So we are fine if read_author_date_or_null() also throws an error.

## Current Work

I am working on polishing my patches. The work is already done but before sending them to the mailing list I am thinking of updating my PR about introducing --ignore-date.

If everything goes well, I’ll have it done by tomorrow evening and will send all the commits under a new common topic “rebase-i-more-options” (Junio named it :p) by Tuesday.

See ya!