Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

I am Rohit Ashiwal. I am a Computer Science and Engineering undergrad junior at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

I have always been curious about things. I enjoyed new tech and wanted to play with anything that I can get my hands on, hence I spent most of my childhood discovering things and reading about them a lot.

Coming to the current situation, I am an active member of MDG, IIT Roorkee, which is a small group of students that fosters the growth of mobile and open source development in the campus of IIT Roorkee. I also do some really cool “hacking” being a member of InfoSec, a group of IIT Roorkee dedicated for promoting information and cyber security among the junta.

For the non-academic part, I am a hobbyist swimmer. I also like listening to all kinds of music. I am learning Guitar and someday I’ll perfect it! (😜 see you at my concerts).

Hope you stay around for a while.